So it has just been my birthday and my husband, very kindly, bought me a very nice Garmin watch.  Now until recently i have been running with a ‘cheap and nasty but does the job’ stop watch and all i need to do is press start when i head off and stop when i am done and i can see how long i have been running for, no showing the calories i have burnt and no showing distances i have run and no showing how slow i went on the uphills (there are some things i would rather not know).  What a pleasure, no pressure, no stress.  I can have a slow running day or a fast running day.  No problem.

Well not anymore!  This Garmin watch beeps at me after every km and tells me how many minutes i have taken to run it which of course puts me under an enormous amount of pressure to run the next km faster and then the one after that even faster and then the next one even faster and by the time i am done i am running way out of my comfort zone and in danger of hyper ventilating.  Happy Birthday to me but if i keep this up i might not make my next one.  So what to do?

I can possibly run with my ear plugs in so as not to hear the beeping or with a paper bag for either covering my watch or breathing into when i start to hyper ventilate or try not to worry that the last km i ran is slower than the one before, ya right.  Or i can just enjoy my birthday present and be grateful i have such a wonderful husband who knows exactly what to buy me.  I think.


Of course his birthday is just around the corner which means revenge of the birthday present could still be mine.  Love you babes.