Although i might make falling while running look really effortless and easy it is not so.  It takes a lot of practice and hard work to inflict such damage with such regularity to various parts of my poor long suffering body.

A lot of research goes into finding the rockiest part of a run to fall or working out which body part will bleed the most (my elbow so far)  or making sure my tazer is stored in just the right place in my camelbak that when i go down i manage to crack my ribs on it, i mean these things don’t just happen without a lot of forethought and care full planning.

Not to mention the expenses involved.  The bandages, the sticky plaster, the dettol, the anti inflammatories and the replacing of running pants when the part that covers the knee becomes more hole than material.

And then of course there are the sleepless nights due to not being able to lie on my back or my side or my elbow or my knee depending on which part of me is the most bruised and broken at the time.

So how wonderful to receive some acknowledgement for all my effort at our 2016 Plett Athletics Club prize giving and be awarded with a


and a very handy first aid kit.


Eat your hearts out all you vertically upright runners, I am off to research my next fall.