My elbow is bloody, my knee is blue.

My goodness you say, whatever did you do?

While running a trail and having a ball.

Over a boulder i happened to fall.

A boulder, my goodness, how did you not see?

Well actually twas more a small root from a tree.

And so down i went in spectacular style.

And lay with my face in the dirt for a while.

Till friends pulled my up all hiding a laugh.

And headed me back down the treacherous path.

My goodness you said, should you not call it quits?

Before your poor body is broken to bits.

What, i said, not even a chance.

This was not my first fall and it won’t be my last.

12805993_10153348772831296_3112837486144229609_n (2)

Happy weekend trailing all and try to stay upright.