So, if truth be told i have a bit of a cold, of course i am in complete denial as i don’t want to have to stop running.  This is the same type of ‘denial’ which also affects runners when it comes to any kind of injury, clearly our kryptonite takes a bit longer to kick in.

Of course until i cannot be in denial anymore i am still running, this works well until i have a sneezing fit (i am not a one sneeze kind of girl, more like multiple sneezer) mid run.

First of all it is actually quite sore, a bit like getting a stitch in short bursts.  Also i close my eyes when i sneeze (is this normal?).  This is very disconcerting as it means every few seconds i am running blind.  When i open my eyes again i am either close to the middle of the road, playing chicken with the oncoming cars or almost in the ditch.  Heaven help me if i ran trail like this.  My friends are pretty sure i have something other than water in my water bottle.  Ha ha, aren’t they funny, just wait until they have to perfect the art of Snrunning.

Now if you will all excuse me i need to blow my nose.

Happy healthy weekend running all.