So it has been a while since i last blogged, i have just been waiting for some one to do something really stupid, perhaps fall like a ton of bricks while running trail or stretch while holding onto an electric fence or run another marathon.  OH WAIT, THAT IS ME!

I did, i actually chose, of my own free will and even paid good money to go and run my third marathon.  Bearing in mind that the last one i ran, only three months ago (how quickly we forget) i swore i would never ever ever ever EVER in front of witnesses namely my husband who was valiantly trying to hold me upright just after i stumbled over the finish line run another marathon again.

And this time it was actually not so bad, i decided to take it really slow (i am never going to stand on the podium after all).  The last one i flew the first half, for me anyway, then hit a brick wall of such magnitude any brick layer would have been blown away by it the second half that i cried the last 17 km and let me tell you 17 km is a long way to run when you want to die.  I made sure i had enough snacks to eat something on the hour every hour, the last one my one and only bar i took with me froze in my back pocket (it was -1 degrees when we started off) and no matter how hard i gnawed i just could not make any head way with it.  Note to self, if you are going to run a marathon dodgy forward planning is not the way to go.

So i lived and learned which i think is one of the reasons that we keep going back and entering these crazy things, after all if we learn from our mistakes surely it can’t be as bad as the last time.  I only really started to hurt the last 4 km which when you are going to hurt somewhere along the line while running 42.2 km is not so bad, did not need to be held up after coming through the  finish line, although i am walking a bit funny today, and made no wild declarations about never ever ever running another marathon ever ever ever again.

So thank you Petro SA Marathon 2016, ASWD and all those involved in the organization for making my latest marathon experience a ‘pleasant’ one.  Lets just hope the next one i run is as kind to me as this one.