It has been a while since i ran a marathon, quite a while if i am honest because the last time i did i remember swearing never ever ever again, despite the fact that i had followed a programme and spent hours on the road training those last few km’s were really eina.

So fast foward a few years and i have a serious case of ranmesia (a runner’s unique ability to forget any running related pain) see  as well as marathon envy watching other running friends training and completing marathons mixed with a healthy dose of ‘no brain’ syndrome, all of these a lethal combination which convinced me that it was time to try another one.  I mean how bad can it really have been.

Well after completing another marathon i will tell you that the answer of course is really, really, really  bad.  Oh man, 42.2 km (heaven forbid i forget the last .2 which could be just the longest km of the whole run) is far.  And although i know a marathon is never going to be a walk in the park towards the end it just hurts, those distance markers seem to get further and further apart the closer you get to the finish, the helpful people shouting that it is not far now along the side of road start to blur and my sense of humour goes awol.

Will i ever run another marathon again, don’t be stupid, of course i will, i mean how bad can it really be?