I am sorry but how is it possible for one person, namely me, to fall so often and so spectacularly and so bloodily while out running trails.  I mean, come on now, its not rocket science stuff, you put one foot in front of the other and watch where you are going.

So how, how, how i ask myself with tears in my eyes, blood on my knees and a shredded elbow do i get it right time after time after time.

Today, once again, down i went, on the gravel and apart from once again dinging my long suffering knees and wrists managed to put a hole in my elbow which considering the fact that it is a gaping hole and i can see a few layers down into my skin probably needs stitches, and although i am happy to run the last 7 km’s with blood pouring down my arm (who knew an elbow could bleed so much) i am too scared to go to the doctor and get it stitched up.  Needles are not my thing at all so i am making do with a few sticky steri strips in the hopes that all will be ok.


Come on now already, give me a break!