So it has been many months since i have fallen on a trail run, in fact it could even be almost a year which might just be a world record for me.  Enough time anyway for me to think that maybe, just maybe i have this trail running thing waxed.  Hmmmm, need i even go on?

This morning with only three or so km’s to go of our 21 km Harkerville Forest Run once we had got over pretty much the worst bits, the steps downhill, the loose rock up hill section, the single track with many roots just lying in wait for a weary foot to trip over.  In fact as we got to the wide open jeep track which consists of gravel and irregularly shaped not so small stony hard rocks what do i do?  I measure my length on the track, no helpful nearby tree to break my fall, no soft undergrowth to fall on and did i mention the irregularly shaped not so small stony hard rocks.

So i banged my knee, ripped my pants, tore a bloody hole in my wrist, skinned my elbow and nearly broke my ribs on my zapper which i keep in the front pocket of my camel bak which is quite ironic considering my zapper is meant to keep me from harm not actually harm me.  Thank goodness the thing did not go off as then as well as dinging my ribs i could have been zapped. ( I might have just gone down in trail running history for that, runner zaps herself while crash landing in a pile of dirt.)

So once again my long suffering running friends stop to help me up, dust me off and on i go before the eina’s stiffen up and running becomes more painful than it already is at this point.

Will i give up, not a chance, after all i need to make a start on beating my ‘almost a year without falling’ record again.  As soon as i my ribs allow me to breathe without wincing i will be back.

Just give me a chance to find my training wheels.