So after another glorious trail run in the Harkerville Forest this weekend, how blessed are we to live here, a bunch of us were standing around cooling off and congratulating ourselves on a run without a fall, quite a rare occurrence especially considering i was one of the runners when one of us mentioned that although he did not fall he did have a few ‘superman moments’.   Apparently a ‘superman moment’ is when you adopt the classic superman flying pose of both arms stretched out in front of you just centimeters above the ground before you some how right yourself and go back up to the normal running position without touching the ground.

This got me thinking.  I have never had a ‘superman moment’.  When my foot hits an immovable object mid trail run (which it so often does) my inner superman is very much unavailable.  There is no graceful flying just centimeters above the ground with arms outstretched while i regain my balance, oh no, there is just dust and debris flying around while i go from upright to flat on the ground face in the dirt in point zero seconds.  In fact if i had to be envisioning a cartoon character at that moment it would be more the very unlucky coyote who regularly measures his length while trying to catch the roadrunner as opposed to superman in all his glory.

Perhaps i should start running with a red cape although chances are, with my trail running record, it will get hooked on a branch of a tree as i go past and i will end up strangling myself mid stride.


Oh well, such is life, at least i am still out there and one day who knows, i might just find my inner superman and manage to right myself before i hit the dirt.