So although i really love to run i am by no means fast, most times i amble along at 6 minutes a km, anything under is a bit of a stretch and although i would love to get faster it just is not going to happen, my legs do one speed and that is that.

This means that for me to run a sub 2 hour half all the planets need to be in line.  I really need to push myself the whole way, no chilling and admiring the view, no dawdling at the water tables, no toilet breaks or taking photos, cutting corners is mandatory and a tailwind and downhill route really helps.  The last 3 km’s are not always fun and i spend the whole run stressing whether i am on target or not.

So i decided that the next half marathon i ran i was not going to look at my watch until i crossed the finish line, i was going to run at a comfortable pace, enjoy the scenery, not stress about time and enjoy the whole thing from start to finish.  How lucky was i that The Re/Max Knysna Heads Marathon just happened to be the next half marathon i was running.  What a perfect event to practice my new half marathon attitude, an early start, the route was too beautiful, mist on the lagoon, friendly water tables as always, a turn around point featuring one marshall, an orange road cone and a view clear out the Knysna heads (how special was that), ideal running weather and no stressing for me.

From the start i was feeling good, my legs felt strong, my body felt good, i was breathing easy and loving every step and i did not look at my overall running time once.  I did however keep an eye on my minutes per km and knew i was running less than 6 minutes a km which was great as it meant i would be coming in to the finish a few minutes after 2 hours.  Yay, life was good, running is amazing, what a wonderful world.

So i crossed the finish line, pressed stop only to see i had run 2 hours and 31 seconds.  AAAARGGGHHHHH!  31 measly seconds.  What was i thinking and on which of the aforementioned planets was my head at the time,  if only i had looked at my watch i could easily have shaved off 31 seconds somewhere along the route.  I could have started closer to the front, i could have skipped a water table or not been so over awed by the view, i could have pushed just a little bit harder.  Nooooooooooo!

Clearly i need to work on my half marathon sub 2 hour or not, no stress, life is good running attitude.  Oh well, here’s to the next run i do, let’s just hope it’s all downhill and i might just be wearing a pair of blinkers.