I love to run trail, i really do but i am by no means a ‘mountain goat type of trail girl’, in fact i am more a ‘sit on my bum and slide down the slopes while holding onto the trees type of trail girl’.

Because of this i tend to stick to the trails i know and have done many times before.  Not this weekend though because my trail friends decided that we were running Kalandar Kloof Run in Natures Valley, now i know this run involves going down, down, down as i have seen the photos and then of course what goes down must come up via many steps and climbs and places that could just be way out of my comfort zone.

And so the morning arrived and i even tried the sms “Weather looks miserable, are we still going?” as my trailee nerves were kicking in.  No mercy for me though, of course we were still going, after all we have never been fair weather runners before so why should we start now?

Well what an awesome trail, despite the steps and the climbs and the river crossings.  The views were too special, the weather was really not that miserable and the sliding down on my bum bits were few and far between.  Worth every second of being out there and very worth trailing out of my comfort zone.

How wonderful to live in a place where we have so many trail running options and how wonderful to have friends that don’t take no for an answer.


Where to next weekend?