Sometimes, and it is not very often at all, i just don’t feel like going for a run.  I am tired, my body feels sore, it is hot outside, i have eaten too much or too little or what ever the case may be and i just don’t feel like it.  But i know it is good for me so i lace up my tackies and set off.

The first few steps i just know it is going to be one of those running through toffee  backwards dragging tyres run.  If i did not have such strong sense of ‘finishing what i have started’ i would turn back after 2 km’s.  But i decide that although this is not going to be a fast one, not that i usually run fast, i am going to keep going and avoid the hills.

And after a while i start to feel better, there is no house work that needs doing on a run or children that need their homework checked or dogs wanting their dinner or anyone else placing demands on me, the scenery is beautiful and i have a whole hour all to myself.  Just me, my tackies, the open road and yes, i even did the hills.  And when i am done i am a much nicer me.

How blessed am i that even my bad runs are good.


Thank Goodness for Mercy Runs.