So not to recently i promised myself i would stick to only running half marathon’s from now on.  They are, most of the time very doable, i am not wrecked for the rest of the day, training does not take away too much family time and injuries are kept at bay sort of.  Of course any runner knows that once you have uttered those magic words they cease to have any meaning at all, running amnesia kicks in and big trouble follows.

Which bring me to the Cape Multi Sport Eden Two Lagoons 30 km run from The Dairy in Hoekwil this weekend.  I mean, my goodness me, it’s only 9 more km’s than a half, honestly how bad can that be.  Well as it turns out pretty bad, 9 km’s more although it seems reasonable when filling in the harmless looking entry form and feeling all holier than thou is actually voetsak far and add in the hill from hell and a melt down some where between 21.1 and 30 km is pretty much guaranteed, well for me anyway.  My knees were screaming at me on the downhills, the rest of my body was screaming at me on the uphills, the level bits were all a blur, i had a complete sense of humour failure at round about the 26 km mark and promised myself once again that if i ever got out of this alive i was only ever ever ever running half marathons again ever.

Of course i did make it to the finish alive although it was not pretty and after i had managed to lower myself to sitting position on the grass with much grumbling and groaning and sat around having a good laugh with equally crazy grumbling and groaning running friends i felt much better.  I even won a lucky draw prize which is great as winning any sort of prize and standing on the podium is about as likely as me running up the hill from hell.

So will i do it again?  Don’t be silly, of course i will, after all it is only 9 more km’s than a half, honestly how bad can it actually be.