I know that i am married to a very special man and i know this for several reasons.  One of them being that my girlfriends are constantly telling me so.  Apparently if your husband makes dinner every single night because he loves to cook and finds being in the kitchen relaxing which is exactly what mine does that is right up there with creating world peace and sends him pretty much straight to Sainthood, no questions asked.

Another reason is that he puts up with my many running incidents and injuries and although i don’t set off on a run planning to ding various parts of my body on the very hard, unforgiving ground this stuff just seems to keep happening to me and my husband is always there to pick up the pieces.

Just a few weeks ago when i managed to crack my ribs mid run on my tazer (true story) he had to help me wash my hair as i could not move my arm even close to above shoulder level.  After a particularly gruelling marathon a few months ago he practically had to carry me to the car as i could hardly put one foot in front of the other and going down and up stairs without an arm to lean on was just not a feasible option.  I have grazed the palms of my hands so badly that washing up duty fell to him until my skin grew back again, he has a pack of anti inflammatory tablets permanently in his pocket and many times he has had to console a devastated and inconsolable me when my friends have gone off running and i have had to stay behind because of ITB or shin splints.

For my latest party trick i managed to fall so hard on the rocks that apart from covering my legs, knees and arms in yet more bruises i also split my elbow open, refused to go for stitches because i was too scared, patched it up with some sticky plaster and now need my husband to bandage and wrap my arm up in glad wrap while trying not to touch my elbow at all because it is so sore every time i need to shower so that it will not get wet and all this without any sign of side benefits for him as no one is allowed with in a ten foot radius of me in case they bump one of my many bruises.

And not only is my man a star in the kitchen as well as a very capable medic he is always willing to offer helpful advice.   Just last night when he was trying to get me to stand still while bandaging i said to him that i think possibly i had cracked my elbow to which he replied that he thinks possibly i had cracked my head.


What more could an accidentally prone, allergic to the kitchen girl ask for.  I am truly blessed.