So once again, i am an injured runner, although not a normal running injury this time.  Oh no, not a niggly knee, a pulled muscle or a shin splint to be seen, instead i managed to fall quite spectacularly like a ton of bricks from a ten storey building and ding my ribs on my tazer which is conveniently stored in the front pocket of my camel bak to keep me safe from harm, how ironic is that and NO the tazer did not go off for those of you that are wondering, see previous blog

And although they are probably not broken as the pain is not ‘cry tears if you move’ sore they are painful.  It hurts to breathe, cough, laugh (a real problem when telling people how i hurt my ribs), sleep, drive the car and get on with the day to day living stuff.  Suffice to say running is not really an option at the moment.

I can, however still ride my bike and although getting on and off is quite a challenge and not very graceful provided i am on a tar road and avoid potholes, cat eyes and anything vaguely resembling a bump in the road i am ok.

And even though i normally run and cycle during the week for the next little while i will be relying solely on my bike to get my exercise fix and trust me when i say things can get ugly without my fix.  So my children are safe, my husband does not need to pack his bags and i do not need to kill anybody just yet.  Thank Goodness for my bike.