Sadly my left knee hates me AGAIN, which means i am injured AGAIN, which means no running for who knows how long AGAIN.  What a pain AGAIN !!

So in the interim i have decided to start power walking.  I may look a bit odd (the arm swinging thing is just weird) but at least i am still getting my fix.  This will hopefully save my fitness, my sanity, my mood and my marriage, last time i was injured my husband threatened to leave me, i would have left me if we were not so attached.  Also my chances of falling and bruising various parts of my body which i often do while running should be non existent.  CAN YOU TELL WHERE I AM GOING WITH THIS?

So this morning while shunting it down the side of the N2 (if i am going to make an eejit of myself i may as well have an audience) at a very respectable power walking pace my toe hit a stone and down i went like a felled tree.  Both wrists, my knee (not the one that hates me) and elbow bashed and bloody.

cartoon tripping