road running, trail running, cycling and now by default, or rather by injury, a bit of swimming

Biking me.

So as a keen cyclist who, due to time constraints, can only ride in the afternoons during the week i would just like to say to the wind.


cycle in wind


Trail Running Me.

I am so happy because after my latest running injury and a few months of no time in my tackies i am finally back on the trails again.  What a wonderful feeling and what a relief for my family who have to live with a really grumpy me while i am not getting my fix.

It has also been so good catching up with running friends again and chatting about events done and coming up, one of which happens to be a Night Trail Run.  So of course i am asked will i be running it.  What!  Are you kidding me?  With my track record of falling often and painfully while running in broad daylight.  Which got me thinking which equipment i would need to even possibly consider it.


No offence to the hard core trailees out there but this could work.

And the Mother of the Year award does not go to me.

Now i love my children, i really do but sometimes they drive me to the very, very, very edge of my sanity.  When they were little arguments tended to go something like this.  He has taken my block, my car, my food, my book, the list could go on and on.  Or the more general, it is mine moan, which generally meant whatever item the other one was holding at the time.  There was also the his foot is touching me.  He is sitting on my side of the couch, the car, the bath.  He is standing in my space.  He is in my room.  He is breathing my air.  Or my personal favourite, he is looking at me.

Now that they are older arguments tend to be more job related.  Heaven forbid that one of them has hung up an extra towel or packed away just one more dish than the other.  The ‘I did it yesterday, it is your turn today’ gripe is used frequently and loudly whenever there is a hint of perceived injustice and there is much grumbling when the workload is supposedly unevenly shared.

So the other morning on the way out of the house to school it was someone’s  turn to open the gate.  Needless to say whose turn it was was up for debate and while this debate was going on the gate was left closed which meant that when i reversed out of the driveway assuming that someone was doing their job i backed straight into the gate and knocked it clean off its hinges.

Well i won’t go into too much detail except to say that i made a volcanic eruption look tame, my nomination  for the Mother of the Year award has been put on hold and the neighbours must surely think i am nuts.

GIVE ME STRENGTH!  This mothering thing is not for sissies.


Responsible Parenting.

It is nearly that time of the year again in Plettenberg Bay where thousands of visitors head to our little town to enjoy some well deserved time in paradise.  This got me thinking to an incident that happened to me last year while attempting a beach visit in silly season.  What was i thinking?

It was a beautiful day so i decided to take my two boys boogie boarding at the beach, i mean how crowded could it actually be?  Well after driving straight past Central Beach which i was not going to even attempt we headed to Solar at Robberg Beach.  After walking several km’s from the parking lot and then several km’s along the beach to find an open spot on the sand we finally found a place to sit.  I got my towel out and the boys headed off to the designated swimming area with their boogie boards where they competed with several thousand other children to catch a wave.

Now being the responsible mother that i am i made sure that i constantly watched the two dots in the waves, our sandy spot was quite far along the beach, that were my children.  Nothing could have possibly happened to them as my eagle eyes were alert and focused and doing a really good job of looking after them.  When all of a sudden two shadows fell over me and i looked up to see, yes, my own two children with their boogie boards under their arms telling me that they were finished in the water.

I have no idea whose children i was so diligently watching but their mom clearly had nothing to worry about.  My family on the other hand, not so much.

So this silly season they are both wearing luminous swimming tops or we will stay at the pool where i can be sure that the children i am keeping so safe are actually mine.  After all the beach is not going anywhere and the rest of the year we pretty much have it to ourselves.


Note to my cycling self.

When cycling in Spring Time be very aware that the bug to air ratio has significantly increased.  In  other words keep your mouth closed.  On the plus side my protein intake is well taken care of.


Dish washing me.

Now i love my husband, i really do and i am so blessed to have him as he cooks dinner pretty much every single night.  How lucky is that?

But considering that i am the designated washer upper and by that i don’t mean i pack the dishwasher because we don’t have one i actually am the dish washer i just have something to say.  How on earth is it possible for one chef preparing one meal to use so many bowls, plates, utensils and other cooking type stuff.  By the time he is done the kitchen and surrounding areas looks like a food war zone and if i lined everything that then needs washing up end to end it could possibly circle the house a few times.

If you think i am exaggerating just wait.  Yes, i actually made a list.  Three chopping boards because apparently you can’t chop different food items on the same board which of course means three large cutting knives for the same reason as well as several smaller less lethal looking sharp knives for other cutting.  Two sieves, many, many, many stirring tasting and mixing spoons and ladle type utensils, a whisker, a flipper and a few spreading knives.  Several different size mixing bowls, some pouring jugs and a few cups.   Three cooking pots and four cooking lids, now i know i am no domestic Goddess but i am still trying to work out where the fourth lid fits in or rather what it fitted onto.  The four dinner plates we actually ate the dinner off which kind of pale into insignificance next to the rest of the clutter.  And last but not least and i kid you not one large square floor tile as apparently it is a good heat conductor.  So as well as spending a disproportionately long time in the kitchen cleaning in comparison to how long it actually took to eat the meal, i also get to have a cold shower because all the hot water in the geyser is gone on washing dishes.  The mind boggles.  I know, i know there is a queue of you just waiting to take him off my hands.  Just be warned you had better stock up on dish washing liquid.



P.S. Love you babes, please don’t make me cook dinner tonight.  XXX

MTB’ing Me.

Due to a dodgy knee which once again hates me running is not an option at the moment so i am back on my bike and what fun i have been having.  There is nothing quite like racing down the hills with the wind in my hair to make me feel like a kid again even though i spend a lot of the time hanging onto my brakes as i quite like my collar bone the way it is.

I even entered my first MTB event and loved it.  My first ever bike bling is now hanging next to my running medals, i only managed to fall off twice (who knew soft sand could be so unforgiving) and no broken bones.  Yay me!  I am so looking forward to the next one.

The good news is the urge to tell every other cyclist i see that actually i am an injured runner is passing and for the first time in many years my toenails are all present and correct.



A dodgy knee and two left feet.

Sadly my left knee hates me AGAIN, which means i am injured AGAIN, which means no running for who knows how long AGAIN.  What a pain AGAIN !!

So in the interim i have decided to start power walking.  I may look a bit odd (the arm swinging thing is just weird) but at least i am still getting my fix.  This will hopefully save my fitness, my sanity, my mood and my marriage, last time i was injured my husband threatened to leave me, i would have left me if we were not so attached.  Also my chances of falling and bruising various parts of my body which i often do while running should be non existent.  CAN YOU TELL WHERE I AM GOING WITH THIS?

So this morning while shunting it down the side of the N2 (if i am going to make an eejit of myself i may as well have an audience) at a very respectable power walking pace my toe hit a stone and down i went like a felled tree.  Both wrists, my knee (not the one that hates me) and elbow bashed and bloody.

cartoon tripping






My slowest km ever.

Now i am not a fast runner but at least i am out there doing something as opposed to lying on the couch eating chocolate, oh wait i do that to, hence the running.  So the other day i was out getting my exercise fix slogging up a long and covered in gravel and loose stones path admiring the view and listening to my Garmin beeping every km i completed telling me how many minutes it had taken me.  Another beep and i glance down only to see 6 min and 27 seconds.  What, how sad is that?  But Claire you might say, considering that you average running 6 minutes a km normally that is really not bad.  Well if i was running then i might agree with you EXCEPT I WAS ON MY BIKE !!!!

12805993_10153348772831296_3112837486144229609_n (2)

Thanks o trusty Garmin, there are some things i would rather not know.

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