So the other day i needed to go and pick my husband up after his squash game and seeing that i have yet to actually watch him in action on the squash court decided to go a bit earlier and suprise him (lets face it, he has sat through run after run after run for me).  I practised my ‘Wow that is amazing look!’ a few times in the mirror, tried out a few ooh and aah sounds, packed my book so that if things got really tedious i could catch up on my reading, put my sunglasses in on the off chance i might even be able to get a quick nap undetected and with the best of intentions set off.

When i got to the squash court what do you think i found?  Several men sitting around a bar drinking beer, now first of all, i used to play squash and from what i can remember the nearest bar to the squash court was down the road at the pub, not actually on the premises and second of all we actually played squash.

According to the men they had just finished playing and in their defence they were sweaty and stinky and there were squash racquets lying around but picking up a beer bottle over and over and over again is hard work so the jury is still out on this one.

What is the moral of the story, well according to my husband, if your wife is fetching you from the squash court organize a reliable lookout.  Hmmmmm.

Sorry, there are no photos with this blog, i was a bit wary of having a beer bottle thrown at me.