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Plett Athletics Club prize giving.

Although i might make falling while running look really effortless and easy it is not so.  It takes a lot of practice and hard work to inflict such damage with such regularity to various parts of my poor long suffering body.

A lot of research goes into finding the rockiest part of a run to fall or working out which body part will bleed the most (my elbow so far)  or making sure my tazer is stored in just the right place in my camelbak that when i go down i manage to crack my ribs on it, i mean these things don’t just happen without a lot of forethought and care full planning.

Not to mention the expenses involved.  The bandages, the sticky plaster, the dettol, the anti inflammatories and the replacing of running pants when the part that covers the knee becomes more hole than material.

And then of course there are the sleepless nights due to not being able to lie on my back or my side or my elbow or my knee depending on which part of me is the most bruised and broken at the time.

So how wonderful to receive some acknowledgement for all my effort at our 2016 Plett Athletics Club prize giving and be awarded with a


and a very handy first aid kit.


Eat your hearts out all you vertically upright runners, I am off to research my next fall.

Thank Goodness for Mercy Runs.

Sometimes, and it is not very often at all, i just don’t feel like going for a run.  I am tired, my body feels sore, it is hot outside, i have eaten too much or too little or what ever the case may be and i just don’t feel like it.  But i know it is good for me so i lace up my tackies and set off.

The first few steps i just know it is going to be one of those running through toffee  backwards dragging tyres run.  If i did not have such strong sense of ‘finishing what i have started’ i would turn back after 2 km’s.  But i decide that although this is not going to be a fast one, not that i usually run fast, i am going to keep going and avoid the hills.

And after a while i start to feel better, there is no house work that needs doing on a run or children that need their homework checked or dogs wanting their dinner or anyone else placing demands on me, the scenery is beautiful and i have a whole hour all to myself.  Just me, my tackies, the open road and yes, i even did the hills.  And when i am done i am a much nicer me.

How blessed am i that even my bad runs are good.


Thank Goodness for Mercy Runs.

Running Definitions.


A runners place perfected.

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Happy weekend running all.

My husband is a Saint.

I know that i am married to a very special man and i know this for several reasons.  One of them being that my girlfriends are constantly telling me so.  Apparently if your husband makes dinner every single night because he loves to cook and finds being in the kitchen relaxing which is exactly what mine does that is right up there with creating world peace and sends him pretty much straight to Sainthood, no questions asked.

Another reason is that he puts up with my many running incidents and injuries and although i don’t set off on a run planning to ding various parts of my body on the very hard, unforgiving ground this stuff just seems to keep happening to me and my husband is always there to pick up the pieces.

Just a few weeks ago when i managed to crack my ribs mid run on my tazer (true story) he had to help me wash my hair as i could not move my arm even close to above shoulder level.  After a particularly gruelling marathon a few months ago he practically had to carry me to the car as i could hardly put one foot in front of the other and going down and up stairs without an arm to lean on was just not a feasible option.  I have grazed the palms of my hands so badly that washing up duty fell to him until my skin grew back again, he has a pack of anti inflammatory tablets permanently in his pocket and many times he has had to console a devastated and inconsolable me when my friends have gone off running and i have had to stay behind because of ITB or shin splints.

For my latest party trick i managed to fall so hard on the rocks that apart from covering my legs, knees and arms in yet more bruises i also split my elbow open, refused to go for stitches because i was too scared, patched it up with some sticky plaster and now need my husband to bandage and wrap my arm up in glad wrap while trying not to touch my elbow at all because it is so sore every time i need to shower so that it will not get wet and all this without any sign of side benefits for him as no one is allowed with in a ten foot radius of me in case they bump one of my many bruises.

And not only is my man a star in the kitchen as well as a very capable medic he is always willing to offer helpful advice.   Just last night when he was trying to get me to stand still while bandaging i said to him that i think possibly i had cracked my elbow to which he replied that he thinks possibly i had cracked my head.


What more could an accidentally prone, allergic to the kitchen girl ask for.  I am truly blessed.

Lets enjoy it while we can!

So once again it is nearly the end of the year which means our lovely little peaceful holiday town will once again become full to the brim with visitors.  The locals will be working all the hours they possibly can, our shops will be crazy busy, no parking to be found and the beaches, well lets just say we are not really used to having to share our patch of sand with too many other people.  Of course, most of us don’t actually mind, after all the funds they bring to this town keep many of us going for a good few months and enable us to live here full time.

So lets try not to complain, when they get here lets welcome them with happy smiles and until they do why not take advantage of the beautiful weather and our almost empty beaches.  We are truly blessed to live here.


Like making hay while the sun shines lets enjoy it while we can.


Weet jy!

I am sorry but how is it possible for one person, namely me, to fall so often and so spectacularly and so bloodily while out running trails.  I mean, come on now, its not rocket science stuff, you put one foot in front of the other and watch where you are going.

So how, how, how i ask myself with tears in my eyes, blood on my knees and a shredded elbow do i get it right time after time after time.

Today, once again, down i went, on the gravel and apart from once again dinging my long suffering knees and wrists managed to put a hole in my elbow which considering the fact that it is a gaping hole and i can see a few layers down into my skin probably needs stitches, and although i am happy to run the last 7 km’s with blood pouring down my arm (who knew an elbow could bleed so much) i am too scared to go to the doctor and get it stitched up.  Needles are not my thing at all so i am making do with a few sticky steri strips in the hopes that all will be ok.


Come on now already, give me a break!

If Runners were Dogs.

Yeeehaaah!!!!!!   It’s the weekend.  What are we waiting for?


Let’s go run  !!!!!!

Learning lessons, one marathon at a time.

So it has been a while since i last blogged, i have just been waiting for some one to do something really stupid, perhaps fall like a ton of bricks while running trail or stretch while holding onto an electric fence or run another marathon.  OH WAIT, THAT IS ME!

I did, i actually chose, of my own free will and even paid good money to go and run my third marathon.  Bearing in mind that the last one i ran, only three months ago (how quickly we forget) i swore i would never ever ever ever EVER in front of witnesses namely my husband who was valiantly trying to hold me upright just after i stumbled over the finish line run another marathon again.

And this time it was actually not so bad, i decided to take it really slow (i am never going to stand on the podium after all).  The last one i flew the first half, for me anyway, then hit a brick wall of such magnitude any brick layer would have been blown away by it the second half that i cried the last 17 km and let me tell you 17 km is a long way to run when you want to die.  I made sure i had enough snacks to eat something on the hour every hour, the last one my one and only bar i took with me froze in my back pocket (it was -1 degrees when we started off) and no matter how hard i gnawed i just could not make any head way with it.  Note to self, if you are going to run a marathon dodgy forward planning is not the way to go.

So i lived and learned which i think is one of the reasons that we keep going back and entering these crazy things, after all if we learn from our mistakes surely it can’t be as bad as the last time.  I only really started to hurt the last 4 km which when you are going to hurt somewhere along the line while running 42.2 km is not so bad, did not need to be held up after coming through the  finish line, although i am walking a bit funny today, and made no wild declarations about never ever ever running another marathon ever ever ever again.

So thank you Petro SA Marathon 2016, ASWD and all those involved in the organization for making my latest marathon experience a ‘pleasant’ one.  Lets just hope the next one i run is as kind to me as this one.




Thank Goodness for my Bike.

So once again, i am an injured runner, although not a normal running injury this time.  Oh no, not a niggly knee, a pulled muscle or a shin splint to be seen, instead i managed to fall quite spectacularly like a ton of bricks from a ten storey building and ding my ribs on my tazer which is conveniently stored in the front pocket of my camel bak to keep me safe from harm, how ironic is that and NO the tazer did not go off for those of you that are wondering, see previous blog

And although they are probably not broken as the pain is not ‘cry tears if you move’ sore they are painful.  It hurts to breathe, cough, laugh (a real problem when telling people how i hurt my ribs), sleep, drive the car and get on with the day to day living stuff.  Suffice to say running is not really an option at the moment.

I can, however still ride my bike and although getting on and off is quite a challenge and not very graceful provided i am on a tar road and avoid potholes, cat eyes and anything vaguely resembling a bump in the road i am ok.

And even though i normally run and cycle during the week for the next little while i will be relying solely on my bike to get my exercise fix and trust me when i say things can get ugly without my fix.  So my children are safe, my husband does not need to pack his bags and i do not need to kill anybody just yet.  Thank Goodness for my bike.






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