So last weekend another one of my favourites, the Hoekwil Road Run.  Now don’t let them fool you, this is not a flat run, in fact it is a bit like a rollercoaster and for some reason it is always warm on the day, atleast this year we did not have to contend with a berg wind.  But the scenery is beautiful, the whole run you are surrounded by green and gold fields and lots and lots of cows. And because it is a bit of a toughie, for me anyway, i feel like i have really earned my medal.

And on top of that what an absolute pleasure to at last have some mid event photo’s i can actually put on my blog that are not too scary, no upper arm bingo wings, a smile that is actually a smile and not a grimace, my face is not an unusual shade of purple and just look at those mountains.  Me in my happy place in a nutshell.

So thank you to all the organizers and those involved for another awesome event, i will be back next year.