I know, I know it is not very nice to refer to several thousand people as ‘crazies’ but lets be honest it takes a certain kind of crazy to be doing this Comrades thing in the first place.

And so the day is nearly here and in less than a weeks time you will be standing on the start line ready to go, how absoloutely amazing is that.  You have (hopefully) put in the training, hours and hours on the road sacrificing time away from family and friends (non running ones anyway), aching muscles, self doubts (what was i thinking), lost toenails, early to bed and early to rise over and over and over again. You have a really odd tan, despite the season and a serious case of the munchies.   Your bags are packed, your flights are booked, accommodation is organized and the back up team have been given their instructions. Thank goodness for back up, what would you do without them?

There really is not too much more you can do and so i salute you for your journey this far and the hard work still ahead of you when the start gun goes off.  What a moment.  May you love every second (well almost every second), step by step taking you closer to the culmination of months of hard work.  Hou bene hou!  Your medal awaits you.