So on the whole us runners are a faily mellow bunch (injuries withstanding), not to much worries us.  We wake up piss early in the morning, rain, shine or blizzards to take part in events.  We travel miles from home squashed into cars with other stinky runners to save on petrol costs to and from runs.  We forsake family and fun time to put the training hours in.  We queue for ages for the priveledge of using a  grotty portaloo or even going in the bush when there is no other choice.  We do not begrudge blisters, missing toenails or aching muscles.

But OH MY GOODNESS!  Just watch out when there is a glitch in the system and we can’t enter one of our favourite, for me anyway, events on line.

Sorry  Meiringspoort (21.1km & 12.5km) De Rust .  Hope you survived the fall out.  I, for one, am still very much looking forward to this event and as soon as the new details for entering are out will be trying again.

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