And so another early Saturday morning waking up in the pitch dark and this time to the sound of the rain drumming down hard on the roof, as i stumble out of my warm bed my husband mumbles something very uncomplimentary about the state of my mental health. Trying to get dressed in the dark hoping i am putting my clothes on the right way round although not my tackies yet as i need my wellington boots to get out the gate as the driveway has flooded during the night.  My husband just might have a point.


Needless to say i was not the only one and there were many happy and slightly blue shaking with cold faces at registration.  It only rained for the first hour of the run anyway and then just after i had conquered the hill from hell the rain cleared, the mud jumping puddles became less, the wind dropped and it became perfect running weather.  The views from the top of the ridge are so special and once you hit the 29 km mark and start heading downhill if you can forget the pain and look around you the views of the sea and lagoon are just breathtaking and every year i am reminded once again of how blessed we are to run in this area.


Although i have won my age category for the last two years alas this time it was not meant to be, possibly because another veteran lady  figured out that if you run slightly faster than the average tortoise you have a pretty good chance of wrestling the title away from me (who am i kidding she beat me by more than 30 minutes).  So no prizes this year but the huge satisfaction of finishing a 32 km event and hanging the medal around my neck, not something to be sneezed at.


So thank you Knysna Marathon Club for another wonderful, well organized event.  I loved it and will be back next year, rain or shine.