So tomorrow i am running in one of my favourite (ok, i have many favourite) events.  The Outeniqua 21 km see     I know, i know there is a 42 km also, maybe next year.

Now even though i have run this event many times i have to say that i can’t flipping wait.  I can’t wait for the standing on the start line with other crazy like minded people who are just as happy as me to have woken up at aas – o – clock in the pitch dark on a Saturday morning when normal people are sleeping in (i have yet to see a grumpy face on the start line of an event).  I can’t wait to see the smiling faces cheering us on at the water stations and along the way. I can’t wait to see the gorgeous scenery that we run through despite the long uphills times two.   I can’t wait to meet and chat to the people i end up running next to for some of the way.  I can’t wait for the endorphin happy pinging feeling to kick in.  I can’t wait to hang the hard earned well deserved medal around my neck as soon as i come through the finish (yes, i am one of those people).  I can’t wait for the feeling of ‘well done me, i did it!’

I am like the energade bunny on steroids just waiting to start because basically i just love to run.


May your weekend be as cheerful as mine, happy running all.