So i see many strange things on my bike rides and today was no different.  As i was cycling along the road i noticed that one of the bull’s had got out of the farmers field and was wandering along the road snacking on the grass verge, now he was not a small bull, in fact he was collectively wider, taller and way more substantial than me and my bike put together.

And as luck would have it i had put on my bright red running shirt to cycle in, yes i cycle in my running shirts as i cannot afford to buy a new exercise wardrobe every time i pick up a running injury and need to take up another sport to get my fix until said injury is passed.

So i approached the bull cautiously in case he mistook me for a moving red target and do you know this bull turned around, took a few loping steps and jumped over the one metre high post and rail fence back into the field with the rest of the cows.  He would not have got any points for elegance but he got over it and if he was a horse in a show jumping arena he would have gone clear.  I had no idea they could even do that.

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Well as they say you live, or this case, cycle and learn.