How absolutely fantastically amazing, this weekend i ran my first event since i have come right from this knee injury and how good it felt to be standing at the start line with a bunch of other like minded, full of smiles despite the fact that most of them got up in the dark people again.

And how lucky for me that it happened to be the  and although i have run the 21 km trail several times (believe me it is not called the Tortoise TUFF  for nothing) and i know the monster climbs are so worth it because of the views from the top  i am trying to be SENSIBLE and not ding my knee again so i decided to run the 10 km.


What a pleasure, a fast flat route through the Sedgefield town with a section along the side of the lagoon which was beautiful and no niggles, no aches, no knee pain.  I loved every minute of it except the part where the man with the 75 year old age category number came cruising past me.  Who am i kidding i even loved that part, age is just a number after all.

So thank you Sedgefield Striders for another awesome event,  next year if i have managed to stay SENSIBLE  and injury free i might just tackle the 21 km trail again.