So my two husbands, the actual one and the running one, see previous blogs if you need to catch up on the ongoing saga

decided it would be a really great idea to start playing squash together twice a week.  Now i ask you with tears in my eyes surely this is asking for trouble, two men in an enclosed area, three sides with a solid wall and one with a glass one, chasing a tiny black ball around armed with racquets.  I mean what if either of them gets injured, my running husband could be put out of action and then who would i run with or my actual husband could pull something and then who would cook the dinner and look after the children while i am out running.

So, needless to say, the unthinkable has happened.  During the latest match when armed with way too much testosterone they decided to play just one more game my running husband managed to damage his achilles tendon.  It was so bad that they even had to take the beers out of the ice bucket so that his foot could go in it.  I kid you not!

Of course, in true behave like an adult fashion, both of them are blaming the other,  who knows how long my running husband is going to be out for and my actual husband is walking around looking extremely sheepish.

I am not too sure who to kill first.


On the plus side i would like to thank both husbands for on going blog material.