When i was younger and i am talking junior school here, i belonged to the Blue Bike Gang, ok there was actually only three of us, five if you counted the younger siblings who we sometimes let ride with us.

We spent our free time riding our BMX’s on the ‘trails’ in Tokai Forest in Cape Town where we grew up, although i was the only girl in the gang (barbie dolls were not my thing) i was very happy to get dirty, take a tumble and keep up with the boys.

So fast foward a few years, ok more than a few if i am honest, still no barbie dolls (would be kind of strange at my age anyway), the bikes are not all blue, we ride in Plettenberg Bay (how lucky is that) and i am more cautious as when i fall off now it really hurts.

But we are still a bunch of people out enjoying our bikes riding the trails.


How wonderful that some things never change!