At last a ‘whole family at the same time weekend off’ after a very busy Plett season so where do we go, first of all it is best to leave the house as if we stay we end up doing household cleaning and fix it up type stuff which does not make for a good weekend off.

The boys love to fish, i love to cycle and run, my husband just wants to sit and read his book and my mom is happy to spend time with the family.  So we decided to try  Toorbos self catering cottages in Wilderness


What a pleasure!  The cottages are literally on a bass dam and each one comes with its very own fishing rods, lures, a wooden jetty to fish off and even a small boat and when i say within ten minutes of arriving the boys had caught and released three fish each i am not kidding.  Over the two days we stayed there they must have caught about 35 fish in total, so very happy fishermen indeed.

I got to run and cycle to my hearts content as the farm is surrounded by dirt roads with beautiful views, we loved the outdoor shower which looked over the dam and my husband managed to finish his book despite having to jump up every two minutes to help un hook a fish and throw it back into the dam, not a task my mom or i felt comfortable doing.

The view from the outdoor shower.

So with each member of the family very happy, thank you Toorbos for an awesome weekend, we will be back.