So now that my knee injury is better i am running and cycling again but because i enjoyed the swimming, see previous blog https://roadshedding.wordpress.com/2015/12/11/swimming-me/   i am still try to get half an hour of lengths in the pool two or three times a week.  I feel that my swimming has improved and i can now stay afloat, not swallow too much water and move in a forwards direction all at the same time so i am thinking that a triathlon could possibly be in my future, albeit one with very manageable distances.

Always trying to improve i have been watching the others swimming in the lanes next to me.  Now when i get to the end i touch the wall and turn around but i see the more experienced swimmers do the forward roll under water thing when they get to the wall. What a good idea!

Oh My Goodness, how does anyone even do that.  I felt so giddy, completely lost my sense of direction and there was a good possibility of me throwing up.  The chances of me still continuing in the direction i was intending to swim after that are nil to zero, more likely i will end up tangled in the lane dividing ropes gagging.

So unless i think of a cunning plan like maybe taking anti nausea tablets before i swim no more underwater rolling for me.  For now i will just stick with the touch and turn around method.