Yay, Sunday, at last a day to sleep in, not a chance, if you are a ranatic, see previous blog  it is a far better idea, not necessarily for your spouse though, to set your alarm for really early in the morning, in fact even earlier than you would normally need to be up for work during the week, don skimpy running gear (far easier to do in summer than in winter) and head off on a run with other like minded, equally ranatical friends.

And of course because it does not need to be a ‘squeeze it in somewhere in the week run’ we normally head off to the trails and with Harkerville forest on our doorstep we are spoilt for choice.

So although this Sunday there was only two of us we headed off to the Harkerville Blue Route, 11 km of gravel and single track through the forest.  What a pleasure (except for the uphills where i nearly died).  Curse you knee injury for stealing all my running fitness.

Sorry, no photos of the forest on this blog, if i had stopped to take my camera out of my camelpak i might have crumpled into a heap and not been able to start running again EVER.  On the plus side only six more sleeps until next Sunday.