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So it is my birthday and although 43 is getting on a bit there are many positive things to hold onto as i get older.

Age related memory loss can be a good thing, i spent most of the day convinced i was 42.

My children are older so although there are different challenges they are mostly self sufficient.  Halelujah!

Apart from being with my family i spend most of my free time doing what makes me happy.   Swimming, running and cycling.  Me time is really ME time.

I am not to fussed about what other people do or say.

I am happy (most of the time) with my body and although i will never be Cindy Crawford (how is that for giving my age away) i work hard for what i have.  My husband is certainly not complaining.

I have a wonderful, strong and solid marriage due to the fact that i am married to a super star but also due to the fact that i have had many years to realize that choosing my battles and not sweating the small stuff helps.

My ‘laugh lines’ remind me of my dad and my grey hairs (of which i have many) are my battle scars.

I am surrounded by special friends, have a wonderful job as a preschool teacher which keeps me young in spirit although not always sane and am lucky enough to live in Plettenberg Bay.

Of course, it is not honey and roses all the time, there are rough days when my sense of humour completely fails me, my children are not angels and neither am i but on the whole life in the 40’s in good.

And on the plus side my skin has finally cleared up.  What more could a girl ask for?

Thank you all for my birthday wishes !!!!