I know, i know us runners tend to bore those non runners around us with blow by blow accounts of each and every run we do.  The highs, the lows, the people we passed and who passed us, the state of the portaloos, the temperature of the water sachets, the cramps we suffered, the PB’s achieved and the ones not, the absoloute runner’s high we feel every time we come through the finish line and hang that medal around our neck not to mention the admiring of the medal that needs to take place.  In my case it is my poor long suffering husband who has to listen and ooh and aah at all the right moments trying not to roll his eyes and look desperately around for something to distract me with.

But now it seems the wheel has turned.  My dearly beloved has taken up squash and when he gets home he feels the need to tell me all about the shots he played, the scoring in detail, who won, who lost, how much he sweated, the volleys, the drops shots and the lobs he played.  Him and ‘the guys’ as he refers to them have even started their own Whats Up group to organize their play dates.

I am having to seriously work on my listening and oohing and aahing skills.  Heaven forbid they start handing out medals.