I am a preschool teacher which means that although i love my job it is loud, my multi tasking skills need to be kept sharp as sometimes i am settling a new child, wiping a nose (not mine), helping someone unbutton their dungarees who forgot they needed to wee like three seconds ago, breaking up a barney about whose turn it is on the swing, singing a song, removing playdough from a child’s hair and overseeing an art activity simultaneously (I KID YOU NOT) and more often than not i go home covered in paint, glue and sparkly stuff.  We sing, we dance, we play, we learn and we make noise (some of us more than others) all morning.

And then of course my afternoons are spent with my own two children which at the moment involves standing on a sports fields watching them jump over a pole or into a pit of sand many, many, many, many times over (it is athletics season after all), covering several hundred school books in plastic and standing over them with a whip while they get back into the homework routine.

So at the end of the day when i really need to clear my head my bike and i head off for some me time and when you are lucky enough to live in Plettenberg Bay and your me time involves views like this how can i not be so grateful that i live here.


So with my batteries re charged bring on another day, ‘vasbyt almal’ one more sleep until the weekend.