So now that i am running and cycling again after a loooong injury and my husband is still playing squash

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and we are very responsible parents (ya right) that need to make sure that one of us is at home looking after the children we have to be really organized to make sure that each of us gets our turn in to exercise.

There are various ways this can be accomplished, you can hide your spouses exercise gear and then play dumb when he is searching high and low for it.  You can race each other to the door and first one out gets to exercise, this one can get quite dirty and tripping each other, pulling on each others clothes and feigning a twisted ankle so that when your spouse stops to help you (you hope) you can then run over the top of them are all fair game.


At the moment the jury is out on who is winning or losing but let’s just say the gloves are off, now where can i hide my husband’s car keys.