If truth be told i have two husbands, my actual husband and my running husband.  Both of them are very aware of and happy with the situation, in fact they are quite good friends.

My actual husband is not into running, at all.  He tried but he hated it (very strange) and says his body is built for comfort and not exercise.  He is fortunate in that he is tall, slim and gorgeous just the way he is and very grateful that i am not running alone through forests where lions and tigers are out to get me, well not quite, but it makes him feel better to know i have company.

My running husband loves to run and can be counted on to put his tackies on whenever i need him to.  He says he gets the best part of me without all the domestic nonsense.

The only problem is that recently my running husband was seen walking through town hand in hand with a lady.  Oh no!   Please don’t tell me i have lost him to another, my actual husband will be devastated.


P.S.  Nobody panic, i cleared this with both husbands before i blogged it.