So when my latest running injury is finally fixed (please Lord don’t let it take too much longer) i am swearing on all that is HOLY to never get myself into the same situation again.

I will never run more than three times a week, on the other days i will cross train.

I will stick to 21 km (for the next little while anyway) and not rip the ring out of it when running them.

I will do lots of trails (oh wait, i used to do that anyway).

I will listen to my body and rest when i am tired or feel a niggle coming on.

I will not put myself or my family through running withdrawall symptons ever again.

I will remember this list for longer than five minutes on pain of death and suffering and written in a contract in blood in triplicate infront of witnesses, namely my husband and two children (who have insisted on this contract being written in the first place).

The breaking of this contract could result in major reshuffling of the family dynamics, in other words they will throw me out on my ear.   No more running amnesia for me.

Happy New Year all.