So it is holiday season in Plettenberg Bay which means the gym pool is full, normally i would have a lane all to myself but invariably at the moment i end up sharing with someone.  Because of this there are certain things i have learned to watch out for when sharing a lane.


Choose to share with a person who is doing crawl, butterfly is just plain dangerous as there is a good chance you are going to get whacked on the head, with breast stroke you could be playing footsie as you pass each other (and on that note, if you can, check toe nail length) and back stroke is a no brainer as clearly that person is not watching where they are going at all and will not stick to their side of the lane.

And, sorry guys, preferably look to share with a girl.  They tend to cut a fine, calm line through the water and when you pass each other there is barely a ripple.  Men, on the other hand, seem to come barrelling down the lane towards you with much splashing and wave making and when we pass each other i feel a bit like i am caught in a tidal wave.  No offense to men and of course, i am generalizing.

Also there is a very fine line between sticking to your side of the lane and grazing your side on the lane dividers or even worse hitting your hand on the cement edge of the pool.

Always remember your manners.   A simple ‘thanks for sharing’ goes a long way when you are finished.    It also means that the person left swimming knows they can move back into the middle of the lane and not carry on swimming on the side like an idiot for the rest of their time in the water.  That would be me.

So until the holidays are done and i can be sure of getting a lane to myself  again i will be choosing my lane partners wisely and carefully.