For those of you who are following my blog and wondering if i can ever be serious, here we go.

I have been running on and off for the past twenty or so years and up until a while ago all was going fine, however in the last two years i have picked up some fairly serious, out for a while, injuries.

The first was shin splints which took three very frustrating months to come right, fortunately i could still cycle but was amazed as the more cycling friends i made the more i realized that a lot of them started because of running injuries so now mix it up a bit or even, heaven forbid, only cycle.

The latest doozy is a knee injury which has even stopped me from cycling so now i am swimming and invariably in the lane next to me is a ‘recovering from injury’ runner or a runner who has been advised to not run again.

I think that the majority of runners out there have battled an injury at one time or another and a lot are still battling judging from the amount of taped up limbs i see on the start line of events.

Now i know, as i have done it many times, that if you google running injuries there are many stretches, exercises and remedies you can take and do to help recovery.  You can ice, you can pop pills, buy new shoes, change your shoe brand,  you can rub and roll and massage.  I also know there are many specialists who you can see to try and diagnose the exact problem as at the risk of bankrupting myself i have been down this route also.

But, although i have taken a break from running for two months i am still sore.  And although i love to swim and cycle running does something to my mind and body that i just can’t get elsewhere.

The problem, for me anyway and maybe for many of us, is that it is difficult to put the brakes on with running, the stronger and fitter we get the more we want to run;  longer distances, harder trails, more and more time in our tackies until the niggles begin and i am out again.  What starts out as a 5 km, becomes a 10km, then a half, why not try a marathon, an ultra and of course the ultimate Comrades or an Otter type trail.  Running in moderation is not my strong point.

So, what is the answer, i have absolutely no idea.  I only know that if in a few years time running is no longer an option for me at all i will be heartbroken.


Ok, serious stuff done, next blog will be a funny one, i promise.