So now that I am a swimmer and I use this term as loosely as possible (until my running injuries are all better and i can run again) there are a couple of things I have discovered.

The cap can be tricky and a bit like putting up a tent before you go camping it might be a good idea to practice putting the cap on your head before leaving the house so you at least look like you know what you are doing.

Be sure to follow the white line at the bottom of the pool to avoid head on collisions with the lane dividers.  Also a good idea to move the chlorine floater out of your lane before you start for the same reason.

I am a sloooooow swimmer, any slower and chances are I would have sunk to the bottom.  I was however panting by the end of the hour, who knew you could pant from swimming.

Getting out of the pool is not as easy as getting in due to lame arms and sudden and unexpected muscle cramping, not my most graceful moment.  Pretty sure I looked like a drunk seal on an illegal substance coming out of the water.

I also battled to see clearly for the rest of the day which made the drive home quite interesting, note to self, next time wear goggles and my bloodshot eyes could put Dracula to shame and scare small children.

Will I persevere, of course.  Me, my goggles and a grappling hook I can use to drag myself out of the pool when I am finished will be back tomorrow morning.