So, unfortunately, despite weeks of rest when I tried to run again my knee is still niggling and although it is much better than it was I just know if I carry on running on it I am going to be back to square one again.

I am going to have to hang up my tackies for a while longer despite the fact that all my favorite events are happening in the next few weeks, trust me when I say this decision was not made lightly, there was gnashing of teeth, wailing, eating worms and wearing of black clothing.

If I can bring myself to, without stabbing any of my running friends in the eye due to the green eyed monster, I will blog about upcoming events from the sidelines, again.

In the meantime, because even my bike seems to aggravate my knee, I need a plan.  So what am I going to do?  Apparently, according to google swimming is a really good option for those with dodgy knees.  At this stage I am willing to try anything to get my fix.  So for the next few weeks you will find me in the gym pool.

On the plus side, I swim like a brick which means plenty new blog material.

Will keep you posted.