For those of you who are following my blog i said i would keep you posted on my husband’s new venture into fitness via pounding it out on the squash court.

See the two links below if you would like the full story.

After a bit of  a bit of a rocky start, first with tennis elbow (my brother tells me he is sure my husband is actually at the pub and his tennis elbow is from lifting the beer mug) and then dislocated hips, or what he thought felt like dislocated hips anyway, sounds a bit like man flu to me, he was back on the squash court again.

That is up until a week ago when his squash partner managed to run into him and crack (this is another self diagnosis) his ribs.  So now he can’t sneeze without almost fainting, never mind play squash.

My thoughts.  Be careful of falling off a barstool while playing squash.