My running friends will tell you that they do not keep me around for my cheetah like speed but for the laughs i provide and although my name has been called out at the end of an event when i have won a lucky draw (love my new sunglasses) and twice i have won my age category (pretty sure i was the only female veteran taking part in those events at the time) i am not very well acquainted with the podium.

So how ironic is it that right in the middle of my ‘no running due to a knee injury’ time off i get invited to the SWD Athletics prize giving to receive an award.  First thing i did was to check that this was not a case of mistaken identity, i mean how embarrassing would it be to get there only to discover that there are two running Claire’s out there and the one that should be shaking the ladies hand is actually not me, secondly i sent up a quick prayer that if there were stairs to climb my knee would make it up them without giving me grief.

With all my bases covered off i set and what a wonderful morning we had. A hall full of runners (what better company could you ask for), a delicious breakfast, lots of bling in medal form and no stairs to climb so i did not have to hobble.  And as for my award, would you believe it,  a bronze medal for 3rd veteran in the 21 km, some cash (always appreciated) and a Tekkie Town voucher for when i next need to replace running gear.

So thank you to all the organizers for a very enjoyable morning.  I now have bragging rights for the year and who knows, if my knee ever comes right i will be back in 2016 to defend my title.

DSC08507 (2)