I have been looking for another way to keep fit while i am recovering from this knee injury apart from riding my bike so a wonderful and very generous friend said i could borrow her Fitness Flyer, one of those ‘keep your legs straight and use your arms’ machines.  What a good idea so off i send my ever patient husband to fetch it which involves several strong men and a bucky.

Right, time to try it out, it is a bit cold outside (i mean how warm can i get on this thing anyway) so the plan is to once again involve my husband and bring it into the bedroom and although it is not quite the action he is hoping for in the bedroom, he is still smiling, sort of.  Needless to say the Fitness Flyer does not fit through the bedroom sliding door unless the people carrying it turn themselves into pretzels thereby maneuvering it into a sideways position and straining their backs in the process.

Five minutes on the machine, the bedroom has turned into a sauna and i have steam coming off me.  So back outside it goes.  How my husband has not killed me yet i have no idea.

Now up until a few weeks ago, pre injury, i was running 15 to 20 km regularly and even since i stopped running i have still been on my bike and power walking with my dogs so as i consider myself quite fit the plan is to jump on and go for an hour.

My goodness me, my thighs were on fire, my arms felt like jelly, my feet went numb (not sure why) and i sweated, a lot.  And note to self, do not take your hand off the arm lever to check to see how much time has gone past on your watch (must be at least 25 minutes, damn it is only 3) for fear of said lever hitting you in the nose.  How i managed an hour i have no idea, suffice to say it was not pretty.

So although i am not ready to give up yet i have been taken down a peg or two and my prayers for a speedy recovery for my knee have taken on a new urgency.  Also my husband is refusing to move it another inch so for now the Fitness Flyer can stay.   Who knows, i might even get the hang of it.

DSC08464 (2)