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Trail runners on the whole are not a bunch of sissies, i mean, my goodness, why run on the road when you can scale mountains, leap over boulders and ford rivers.  And, as any of us who have entered a Penny Pinchers Trail Event before know, at some stage it is going to get rough which brings me to the Pennypinchers Adventure Nights Trail Run Event.

Now, not only do you get to run over rough and uneven terrain you get to do it in the pitch dark with a very helpful and not so cheap (if you get a proper one) compulsory piece of equipment called a head light. This head light lights up just enough of an area infront to give you an approximately three second warning before you run into a tree.


So despite the fact that at the moment i am blogging from the sidelines due to a running injury i am still very willing to  support (who am i kidding, watching from the sidelines is killing me) my running friends who are taking part in the Pennypinchers Adventure Nights Trail Run Event by blogging about their run (also known as living vicariously though others).  This particular one being fifteen km’s of trail running single track with a bit of jeep track paradise through the Knysna Harkerville forest.

And what did they have to say when they came through the finish line.   Amazing, incredible, a surreal experience, absolute magic running in your own little bubble of light, best one ever, a fantastically weird experience, i fell myself stukkend and thank you so much to Mike for letting us know that he could still feel his lunch time burger. They loved it of course, even the runners who might or might not admit to running into a tree or two.


So, on behalf of those of who ran, thank you Penny Pinchers Adventure Team for another awesome event.  Next year, if i am not injured ‘again’ and if i can afford one of those really helpful head lights i will be there.