When i married i chose really well, my husband is a chef so we eat well, my brother-in-law is a vet so the animals are looked after and my father-in-law is a doctor which has saved us a fortune in doctors fees.

So, of course, with my latest running injury where my knee is giving me grief i head off to my in-laws house.  No problem, the doctor says, after prodding and poking around my knee, this is only a muscular injury, i will give you a voltaren injection and a few anti-inflammatory tablets, take a few days rest and you should be running again in a week.  Music to my ears so as i cannot run i go home and pull out my trusty bicycle.

Three days of cycling later my knee is still not feeling good so back to the doctor i go.  But did you rest, he says.  Of course, i say, no running only cycling.  Clearly if the patient is not paying the doctor is allowed to get quite cross with them.  NO MAN, rest, no running, no cycling, he says loudly.  Well what can i do, i moan?   You can walk.

So, once more, another voltaren injection and a few more tablets later back home i go, put the dogs on their leads and head off on an hour power walk (can anyone guess where i am going with this) and although i made the dogs week three days of power walking later and my knee is still sore.  So back to the doctor who by now does not answer his phone when he sees me calling.  My knee is still sore, i say.  But are you resting, he says.  Yes only walking.  Apparently my version of walking and his version of quietly strolling around the block for ten or so minutes are nowhere near the same.

So clearly not only do i have a dodgy knee i also have a serious case of misinterpreting doctor’s orders a.k.a hearing only what i want to hear.

Yes, i know, no more blogging about running injuries, trust me, no one is more sick of them than me, as soon as i am back in my tackies my blogs will go back to being about actual running.  Until then, i am going to go and lie in a darkened room and REST!