So, my husband who i love to pieces and who thought he was safe from my blogging because i am injured, HA, has decided that, although he has always told me his body is made for comfort and not exercise, it is time for him to get active.  He tried running around the block for a few weeks but absolutely hated it (which planet does this man come from).

The next idea of his is squash so now a few evenings a week the plan is to meet with a friend and sweat it out on the squash court and although i would love to be a supporting and encouraging wife this could seriously jeopardize my running time.  I mean who is going to look after the children and prepare the dinner so that we don’t all starve.

So what is my plan of action. Do i hold my breath hoping the squash bug, like the running bug will die a quick death?  Do i use my feminine wiles to persuade him he is just perfect the way he is or do i admit defeat and share exercise time with him?

For now all i know is dinner is going to be served a bit later, there could be winners and losers from a weight gain and loss perpective, one of us will have to get up with the early bird in the morning to get our turn in and we might just need to brush up on our conflict resolution techniques, will keep you posted.