So generally i am not known among my running friends as the fastest or the pace setter (unless they want slow) or the one likely to get to stand on the podim (altthough i have won a lucky draw or two).

I am mainly kept around for my entertainment value.  Needless to say this normally involves measuring my length on the forest floor during trail runs.  I have come to expect a fall and am generally quite relieved once it is done as then i can relax and get on with the rest of my run in peace.

So one weekend morning bright (or rather dark) and early i am getting ready to walk out the door to meet my running friends.  Before i go i decide to open the lounge curtains by standing on the chair ( as one does) to reach them.  It seems that trail running tackies with their “gripping” tread are not only good for gripping the trail but also good for gripping onto upholstery which causes me to fall backwards off the chair onto the hard tiled floor.  Phew, i thought, that is my fall done for the day and without spectators.  Famous last words.

Halfway through the run, when i have fallen behind the others (as usual) a rock jumps out into my path as they do.  I look up for a split second to see the beauty around me (note to self never look up during a trail run) step on the rock, fall on my knee, tear a hole in my favourite running pants and my knee.  Fortunately still no spectators.

So with blood running down my leg and cursing at my own clumsiness i keep on going around the corner into a troop of baboons.  This was a bit worrying as i was not sure if like sharks they could smell blood.  Fortunately my running friends were waiting for me so together we headed off to the finish where just as we reached the full parking lot another rock jumped in front of me and one again i went down, same knee, even bigger hole in my running pants, more blood and a car park full of spectators.  Three falls in one run if you count the one while trying to get out the door.

So once again, this time with helping hands, albeit ones that were shaking with laughter i get pulled up, dust myself off and clean the blood of my knee before i am allowed into the car.

I am thinking of taking up a safer sport, like maybe skydiving.  My running friends will just have to find their entertainment elsewhere.