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Sometimes i just have to wonder how these events come about.  Were a couple of people sitting around (just a wild guess but maybe in a pub) when they had a brainwave.

Person 1:  “Hey, i know, lets drive a whole lot of people 21 km up the Pass from De Rust, drop them off on the side of the road and make them run back to town.”

Person 2:  “Brilliant idea, but how will we get all these people up there.”

Person 3:  “We put them in ostrich trucks.”

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A moments stunned silence while everyone digests this.

Person 4:  “Yes, and lets make them start really early in the morning so they need to get up just after midnight when its dark and cold.”

Person 5:  “And just incase they enjoy it and think they want to come back lets make the last km, when they are completely knackered, uphill.”

Lots of back slapping and cheering all round.

And so another event is born.   And those of us who come back to run it time and time again know if you are not poised over the computer with your fingers ready the minute the entries open you might not even get in.  So clearly, 23 years later, however the idea started, it was a brilliant one.

Of course the very festive atmosphere, the beautiful mountain pass we run through and the river winding down next to us all make this a very special event which myself and many others come back for year after year.


And, after all, how often do we get an opportunity to ride in an ostrich truck.  So with Meiringspoort 2015 under my belt i will be ready at my computer with fingers poised when the 2016 entries open.  Thank you to all involved for another awesome running event.