Those of you who are following my blog, or who live close enough to hear me whingeing will know i am battling with a dodgy knee so am taking a few days off running.  This means that i am back on the bike and although i really enjoy cycling it is when the choice is taken away from me, run or cycle, that i get frustrated.

So after chatting with my husband i have decided to change, or atleast try and change my attitude.  If i am injured i will cycle, if i am not i will run, with a happy heart because that will just be so much easier and less frustrating for me and my family who have to put up with me.

So yesterday morning i climbed on my bike without to much grumbling, this new attitude thing is not always easy, and as i turned out my gate bumped into a friend also on his bike.

We stopped and chatted and it turned out he was sweeping for the 20 km Tour de Plett  which had just gone past my gate a few minutes before.  Did i want to join him, do pigs fly?  With my bendy arm it did not take much to persuade me, all i needed to do was pop back into the house to tell my husband what i was up to, the fact that my new plan of action did not surprise him in the least is testament to how well he knows me.

So off we went.  Twenty km’s from Wittedrift to Central Beach; over floating bridges (loved that), along single track, up a nasty hill, cycling along the lagoon, gorgeous views, wooden pallets over Lookout Beach and also at the finish.   What an unexpected bonus for a grumpy cyclist and of course if you are sweeping you can chat, take your time, admire the view and have an excuse to get off and push when the ones you are sweeping get off and push.

So, no more grumbling, time to be thankful for my tackies and my bike, for good friends and unexpected blessings that absolutely make my day.